OneCore Media is proud to help businesses receive Ontario Government grants for training in a complex ecommerce world, from a technical and marketing standpoint. Businesses invest substantially in technology and digital marketing. While businesses may have a solid website and online visibility thanks to their service provider, they still fail to realize an ideal ROI from their efforts.

In today’s marketing and technology world, it’s not just about bringing in good service providers. Your internal team must understand how to work with these providers to understand the work being performed and how to manage expectations and create results!

This course will focus on the principles of E-Commerce Management as it pertains to digital marketing professionals looking to expand their clients’ retail offerings beyond the limitations of physical locations. Understanding the technology and how it relates to overall business models will be a fundamental aspect of the learnings found in this course.

As seasoned digital marketing professionals, you’ll learn how to create, monitor and manage your marketing and advertising materials within the context of a fully operational e-commerce website. How your website looks to your customers, and how it interacts with them, will be a primary focus.

Course Outline

Platform Introduction

This course will explain the benefits of open-source vs custom platforms, and how users can gain a competitive advantage using Magento. The building of a site, including page creation and category management and how to process transactions provide the foundation for course material. In addition, implementing content marketing, promotions and shopping cart recovery techniques will be outlined.

eCommerce Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is one of the most important components of an eCommerce website. Our marketing automation professionals have created a module for this course that will help you learn automation practices EVERY eCommerce Manager should know. Does ‘analyzing userflow & consumer behaviour to set triggers to user actions and personalize the user experience’ make sense to you? No? Perfect! We’ll make sure it does!

Paid Search For eCommerce

This course builds on the introduction to Magento course to add in how each of the digital marketing disciplines can be incorporated into a Magento e-commerce site. Performing initial research and campaign set-up activities, this course will then give professionals the tools to utilize remarketing, Facebook ads, display ads and a host of other tools within their Magento site.

Content & Social Media Marketing

Our content marketing course will educate participants on various content marketing methods that can work in conjunction with digital properties to truly achieve measurable marketing objectives. Beginning with understanding the importance of market positioning and competitive analysis, the course will delve into the importance of truly understanding who to direct content to and when. Additionally, understanding which distribution channels to utilize for content will be a highlight.

SEO for eCommerce

Once that foundation is in place, SEO for Magento sites will be outlined. The SEO component includes everything from internal site optimization, Google requirements and how to custom configure your site for the ultimate SEO experience. Furthermore, running a successful blog on the site and building organic growth will be touched upon. The importance of content that works in conjunction with product offerings and other pages will be stressed.

Understanding Analytics

Data is the driving force behind expanding any business. The aim of this course is to provide an understanding of the foundations, theory and application of digital analytics in everyday digital marketing. Starting with digital infrastructure many businesses already have in place, this course will help you establish the platforms to use to be able to capture relevant data regarding digital marketing activities.

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